8 Tips for a Smooth Winter Move

We have nearly 40 years of experience as Edmonton movers helping people and offices relocate in the dead of Edmonton winters, so we know a lot about how to move people in a cold Canadian winter!

If you’re thinking about doing a winter move, then this blog post is a must read. Why? Because winter moves demand a whole new level of care and attention to detail.


Take it from us when we say that preparation and organization are the keys to a smooth, less stressful winter move.

But how do you even start the process? The prospect of moving is daunting enough for most people. Add an Edmonton winter to the equation and it can be a recipe for stress… But while moving in the winter isn’t always the best of times, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the worst of times.

Here are our top 8 tips for preparing and successfully completing your next move during a Canadian winter.

    Book a mover!

This may sound biased, but the best way of ensuring your move is done quickly and safely truly is to hire a professional moving company.

Once the papers are signed and you know your moving date is when to book your mover. Winter isn’t peak time for moving companies so hiring a good, reputable company should be significantly easier.

Ask your mover if there is any flexibility around that date in case there’s a blizzard, deep-freeze, or any other weather-related problems. As your moving date gets closer, keep watching the weather forecasts and, if needed, be willing to reschedule your move if some truly nasty weather ends up happening.

Photo of a moving truck and office furniture in the winter
    Contact your insurance company and advise them of your winter move and your new address.

Winter is a season when accidents are more likely to happen, and moving is no exception (especially if you decide to move yourself). Making sure you’re properly insured and fully covered is crucial to making sure you’re prepared for your winter move.

    Start sorting your things as soon as you know you’re going to move.

You’ll be shocked at how much stuff you’ve accumulated and, chances are, will be eager to pare down and purge rather than haul that excess stuff to your new location.

As soon as you know you’re going to move, plan your purge. Set aside a spare room or a designated area and start sorting and packing. If you time it well enough then you’ll probably have some nice autumn days for a yard sale.

A helpful tip is to make sure you donate the items that don’t sell to a charity and don’t repack them!

    Be temperature wise.

Winter moves in Canada will inevitably be cold, so you’ll want to keep things warm. In Edmonton especially, the chances of cold damaging your computers and electronics, fine china, treasured art, etc. is a real possibility.

You’ll want to be sure you have extra moving blankets on hand. Old warm blankets and towels are ideal for this – not only do they pad and protect your valuables from dents and scratches, but they also insulate and absorb any condensation that might otherwise form from quick, extreme temperature changes.

Pro tip: Double check that everything is securely covered as they are moved out to help prevent any condensation from sneaking in.
    Pack away your summer clothes.

After all, the days are getting cooler and you’ll be replacing your summer wear with warmer clothes. So instead of just putting them in the bottom drawer or back of the closet, pack those lighter clothes in suitcases – or even better, in space bags – so they’re good to go for moving day.

    Shovel your walkways.

As moving day fast approaches, try to keep your walkways and sidewalks free of snow, ice, or anything else that can pose a danger.

Shovel away more snow than just the width of your pathway so there’s enough room for 2 or 3 men carrying heavy furniture. Be double diligent on the day of the move and spread salt or otherwise de-ice walkways and sidewalks to ensure everyone’s safety.

    Protect your floor.

On the big day, put down some old rugs or flatten old boxes and cover your floors and carpets so they aren’t covered in ice, salt, slush, and/or dirt.

Salt damage especially can be hard to get out of floors and carpeting, so the best defense will be a good offense!

    Last, but certainly not least: Keep warm, caffeinated liquids at the ready!

Keep a pot of fresh coffee and/or some tea going during the day for not just yourself, but also all those helping with your move – especially the movers (hint, hint)!

Moving in the winter is not always a walk in the park, but it can still be relatively stress-free and finished quickly! We’ve been moving homes and offices big and small for four decades now, so feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about this or to get yourself a quote.

We know what we’re doing and we’re here to help make the next move your best move yet!