Ten Useful Tips For Making Your Move Less Stressful

For many people, moving houses is an exciting milestone. However, it can be overwhelming. We are here to make your move less stressful.

You might be a college student leaving home for the first time. Perhaps you’re a newlywed couple moving into your dream home. Or you could be part of a family that’s looking for a fresh start and a bit of adventure.

Unfortunately, moving is often associated with stressful situations, and this can take the enjoyment out of it.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of ten tips that will help you avoid those situations and make sure your move goes as smoothly and conveniently as possible.

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1) Pack your essentials separately.

Moving is exhausting, and the chances are that you won’t have the energy to unpack everything immediately. There are bound to be some essentials that you’ll need straight away such as your toiletries, your phone/laptop, or any other electronic equipment, chargers, and a change of fresh clothing. Put these in an overnight bag that you can take with you. You’ll be thankful later.

2) Be prepared.

There’s nothing worse than having to scramble around and search for empty boxes on the day before – or worse, the day of your move! Fortunately, you can call or visit many grocery stores to order the boxes you need in advance. Any boxes that you don’t use can be returned, which is one less thing for you to have to worry about. Being prepared will make your move less stressful.

3) Stock up on supplies.

You may have your empty boxes sorted out, but unless you can seal them closed, they’re not going to be very useful! Make a list of all the supplies that you’ll need – a tape gun, packing paper, labels, etc. And why bother going from store to store when you can find all those supplies you need in the same location?

4) Take photos.

If you want to keep your items organized in the same way when you move, make sure you take pictures of everything else beforehand. The photos will also come in handy when you’re trying to remember which plug went into which hole after you’ve dismembered your electronic equipment.

5) Sandwich bags are handy.

Packing Boxes

No, we’re not talking about lunch. When you’re taking things apart in preparation for your move (unscrewing beds, unplugging electronic equipment, etc.), you want to make sure that those tiny little screws and hooks don’t go missing. A sandwich bag is an excellent way to keep your screws and other bits and bobs in the same place. Make sure you label the bag with what the screws correspond to so that it’ll be easy to put things back together when you’re in your new home.


As stated previously, you won’t necessarily have time to unpack everything straight away. If you don’t label your boxes in advance, you’ll quickly wish you had. If you’re ordering boxes from us, you have the option of ordering them with pre-printed room labels. This option will make your move a lot easier as you’ll immediately know what each box contains, from your kitchen equipment to your child’s favorite toys.

7) Mark delicate items as FRAGILE.

This may sound like a simple enough step to you, but it might easily be forgotten. Make sure that your delicate items such as glassware and vases are packed carefully (luckily you’ve purchased our packing paper!) and that the boxes they are packed in are marked with FRAGILE. This will ensure that your movers will treat the boxes with special care, and hopefully, your breakable items will arrive intact at your new home.

8) Declutter.

As you’re packing, take advantage of this opportunity to evaluate your belongings and decide if there’s anything that you don’t use, don’t want, or don’t need anymore. Perhaps it’s finally time to donate that suit you’ll never fit into again. Maybe you don’t need six copies of the same book. And if you’re looking for a fresh start, do you really need to take your collection of Reader’s Digest magazines with you? Charities and op-shops are always grateful to receive secondhand items that are still in good condition. Or you may have friends and family members who would appreciate something you don’t need. Packing is the perfect chance for you to purge any unnecessary items and start your new life off with a clean slate. This will make your move less stressful.

9) Eat up.

You should do your last big supermarket shop approximately two weeks before your move. And then spend the last two weeks eating up everything in your fridge. Yes, you may get tired of eating the same ingredients every night. But it beats having to throw out all your excess food on moving day.

10) Finish packing before Moving Day.

Moving Day is already demanding and stressful enough, without having to add packing to the list. It doesn’t matter how early in advance you’ll need to start packing – just make sure it’s all done before the actual day. When the packing is finished, your work’s nearly done!