Five Simple Money Saving Moving Tips From The Pro’s

Moving across town can be overwhelming if you are not organized. No doubt, you will have to hire professional movers, but being organized is an excellent way to save money. Here are five money-saving moving tips to help, whether

you hire a van to move or hire experienced movers.

1. Move at the Right Time of Year

Summer is the most popular time of year to move home. Families prefer to move in June or July when the kids are out of school, and the weather is warm. Hire the movers in the summer, and you can expect to pay more. Moving home is costly at the best of times, so move in the autumn and winter months to save movers fees.

2. Don’t Transport unwanted Belongings – Shed the Weight

To you, your belongings are invaluable. However, moving too many possessions is going to result in a huge mover’s bill. Have a garage sale or donate goods for a tax break. Get rid of unwanted belongings to save money when moving house. Professional movers charge by weight carried and distance traveled. More belongings equal a larger mover’s truck and a bigger moving bill.

3. Be Flexible when Booking Movers

In general, moving truck rental companies are busy on the weekends. Consider a midweek move to save money. Many professional movers offer a discount to clients willing to work with their schedules. For example, the movers may be moving someone else on the day you had hoped to move, but they could complete the job the day after.

4. Plan Your Move in Advance

Those at the moving and delivery ends must be organized. Make sure your new home is ready to avoid paying transit and storage charges. Contact the movers immediately if you think there will be a delay. For example, you have sold your home, and the new occupants expect to move in on Thursday. However, you cannot move into your new house until Friday. Call the movers immediately to avoid incurring extra charges.

5. Consider a Do-it-Yourself Move

If you have few belongings to move across town, you could consider a DIY move. Moving companies make a profit from mileage, so they will make less money for such a short journey. Many rental moving truck firms hire moving vans out for a day, and their rates are competitive and reasonable.

Moving homes takes time. Create a loading plan, pack everything in boxes, and make sure you are ready when the time comes. Use your car to move small boxes and bags. Pack the large heavy goods into the moving van. Don’t waste packing space. Fill the mover’s van to avoid making unnecessary journeys. Remember, you are hiring the moving van for the day, so the mover’s truck must be returned the same day to save money.

There is no reason why a long-distance move shouldn’t go without a hitch. Save money on moving by packing your goods. The professional movers will carry, load and ship the containers. On the other hand, you could consider a self-service move. You pack your belongings, load them onto the truck and pay the company for delivering them to your new home.